Genius hour reflection pt. 2

In the second genius hour presentation that I made during the school year, I chose to base my topic on education and how schools should reform their education systems to enhance their student’s learning capabilities. I chose this subject as it would globally impact students around the world and help them attain their maximum potential.

During the preparation of the presentation I did research on some of the most effective education systems around the world, some of them were located in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Finland, Japan and South Korea. I analyzed them and tried to find out what made them so successful. During the research I always compared the curriculum of these countries to the one the U.S. has, I always tried to outline points the American education systems should improve on to be at the level of the top-tier countries’s school curriculum.

This genius hour project helped me grow as a person by helping me see the flaws some schools have and the extent of the positive impact they would have at the time of their removal. The research I did also helped me have a different point of view on education systems, by giving me an insight on how different countries managed their schools.

During the time I was doing some research on my some subject, I discovered that competition is outweighed by collaboration in schools, yet in the U.S. it is highly encouraged; if collaboration was more encouraged that’d be one step closer to the ideal successful education system. My genius hour research project made me come up with realizations such as these.

Doing this genius hour project made me realize just how much student’s lives can be positively affected by brief changes in their school curriculum. Hopefully the work I do now will impact the lives of future students in our modern era.

I’ll start another genius hour project this semester, and it’ll probably be about math and how it should be applied to better understand the world. The topic that I’ll choose might help other people to understand that mathematics can be used to comprehend relationships and calculate accurate predictions.


MEME Sean Davis via Compfight This Is Fine art Doctor Popular via Compfight


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Nintendo Switch

You’ve probably already heard about the upcoming Nintendo console, but if you haven’t it’s better if you start off with a trailer video that basically sums up the innovative features the Nintendo Staff has brought us:

The console comes with 2 joy-cons,a dock, joy-cons wrist wraps,joy con grip, HDMI cable and and AC adapter. If you’re not hyped up just by looking at the trailer, then nothing can please you. The console is expected to come out in March 3, with a bunch of games just as awesome that complete and totally fits the upcoming Nintendo artificial paradise. A couple of games that will come later on with it are :“The legend of Zelda Breath of the wild”,”NBA 2k18“,”Skyrim“, “Mario Kart 8 deluxe”,”FIFA“, “Minecraft“,”Super Mario Odyssey“, “Splatoon 2“, and the list goes on.



The most impressive feature of this console is not the amount of good games it can play but the way it does so. There are multiple playing styles that come with the console, such as:

Tv mode: traditional gaming style on T.V.

Table top mode: with console stand keeping up tablet, used even if you’re away from T.V.

Hand-held mode: made possible by attaching the joy-cons to the console, you can still play wherever you go.

The Nintendo switch is basically a hybrid console that can be played on T.V. or on the go, as portable gaming console such as the previous Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the usual gaming consoles that use fragile CD’s, the Nintendo Switch uses cartridges to play games. The three main benefits are the durability, the storage capacity and the faster read-time, does the gaming console you have beat that?

The expected cost of the Nintendo switch is $299 unlike the newest console from Sony, the PS4 pro which currently cost around $399.

Prepare your wallets, as this won’t be an occasion to be missed, prepare for the future of gaming, forgetting virtual-reality, but Nintendo surely has a plan about it.

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Twitter addict

There is no better feeling than the one you get when someone on Tweeter with over 20k followers replies to your tweet…


It has been 2 months since we’ve been doing similar assignments in our Digital Citizenship class, basically a tech class. We had to pick a subject to research in our genius project and do part of the research via twitter. My topic was education and I followed 17 people that were somewhat involved in my topic.


Sending tweets and mentioning the name of the Education experts was part of the assignment needed to accumulate some research. I remember sending 7 tweets to 7 tweeter accounts that were owned by experts in the field, the main requirement was that the person whom I sent the tweet had to be or have been engaged and/or worked in a schooling or educational environment. The people I had to pick had to be specific, and this probably led to the cleansing of 50% of the accounts on my list that revolved around my topic.

Of the 7 people to whom I sent tweets only 2 responded. The tweets that I sent followed a certain criterion, they had to be specific answers regarding my subject. Of the people that replied to me, Joan Young, a teacher and an author about education, provided the most detailed answer.

After her reply I later asked her to elaborate on her first response to my tweet and up until now, I’m waiting for her reply. The other expert that replied to me is mentioned after the first paragraph of this post, I obviously asked him to develop off his first answer as it was not concise enough, hopefully he’ll reply again.

As I’m the type of person to see the glass half-full I’ll say that the result of this Tweeter project was deceiving, I only received 2 replies; if I ever have the oppurtunity to redo this assignment I’ll Tweet to more than 15 people as this will increase the chances of getting a response, at least more than two replies.

This project was an eye-opening experience for me, as it helped shape and improve my communication and information gathering skills. These skills are quite crucial for me not only in school but outside of it too, especially in this digital age.

You’re dead wrong


Do you remember the last time you were mad, this type of mad:


It is these types of moments that ruin your life, that plummets down your mood; here is a tip to avoid getting mad and frustrated, just flow with it. “..ignore the hate, ignore the fake.”(Young Ma, OOOUUU) Removing thoughts that degrade your happiness from your mind is one of the best ways to stop getting angry. In the end not getting angry is a matter of mental fortitude, so the easier you get mad, the weaker you are in your mind. Now, do you still have the same point of view on anger as you used to?



Pros and cons of being in a community


There are multiple benefits and negatives that come with being integrated or part of a community or group of people.


-You get to feel framed or part of a family.

-The people in your community, such as a soccer team, might stand up for you in unwanted situations.

-You get to socialize with the members of that community.

-People in communities usually help each other, when aid is needed.


-You might be subject to peer-pressure.

-In worst-case scenarios, you might be subject to sexism.

-Prejudice can be present in some communities

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Dream for the future

I don’t really have dreams, in the sense of the dream being a wish, I plan what I want to do internally even if it’s finding a way to remove Trump as president; if I actually truly wanted so I’d be actively making plans, and a planned wish or dream is called a goal. I have goals, not dreams or wishes, I don’t know if this applies to you, but know that it might help get off a lazy attitude or state of mind. I have a goal for what I’ll be doing after finishing school, not a dream, and that dream is to remove from power every incompetent person with political power that abuses it, and also excel in most activities I take part in such as math, reading, athletics etc… Since I consider these goals they have to be planned, and I decided to gather experience and use it to fulfill those goals, so the fact that I’m living right now contributes to my goal 😉 (trololol). I forgot to mention I also want to excel at trolling people, and so you know you wasted your time reading a post about a single human that is 14 years old, do you really think you can get much knowledge of this vast Universe from him… You actually will, as I bet I know more than you do about this Universe. Right now I might have triggered your competitivity or anger, you’re really are mature to be angered by a young teen, if you did not know, that is what trolling is. Pursue your goals, and do not be lazy or you’ll regret it fatally.


Genius hour 1 reflection

My main topic my genius hour that I researched about was related to botany, as it involved the mass planting of trees. I chose the topic of “botany” because it would improve the  environment of our societies and communities. Everything that I learned was somehow linked to plants, such as easy plants to grow or highly nutrient filled edible plants. I learned about farming techniques to effectively grow plants. I also learned about certain plants and their health benefits, such as Moringa Oleifera, a plant loaded with . The Genius hour assignment helped me sense the importance of plants to humans and the environment. I realized that I was not the only person working towards the goal of establishing free food forests, that certainly gave a little bit more courage to work for that. I received some moral help in a way that helped me encourage me. My future topic will probably related be related to  men’s violence against women, and this totally helps a huge amount of people, mainly women, and siding with them might help them get the same type of encouragement I received to fight for a cause.


I decided to do an activity named Game one on the SBC week 6 post. I clicked on the link of a student that actually commented on one of my posts that discussed the deceiving U.S.A election. You can check out her blog on this link: . I later made a second comment about a post that talks about Anime, here is the link to it: . Then I made a comment about a post that discussed being proud of your heritage and national identity,


Here is also my 1st comment.

“I have gone to Disney land in France and it was quite amazing, people usually say that Disney world is better so I guess it’ll be more fun to go to Disney world.”

Here is the 2nd one:

“Hey, Alex, Fairy Tail is also one of my favorite animes currently, if you like it then I advise you to watch Hunter x Hunter and One piece. They’re really good, so is my blog : ”

Here is the 3rd one:

“I really like the subject you’re talking about, anyone no matter their nationality, should be proud of who they are and raise their confidence.”

How the orange grinch stole the election

The orange grinch

Shocked, emotionally destroyed, and plummeted down, are all ways to describe the feelings of numerous people towards the ironic victory of this one presidential candidate. U.S.A. citizens should understand the president they voted for won’t bring positive changes to this world. From climate change to foreign policies, the orange grinch will not improve much of what already exists if not destroy it. There has been a sort of a similar case in Italy where a certain rich individual was voted as Prime minister, this Italian prime minister was not that bad but he made a number of policies that personally benefited him. In the end, why would you vote such an arrogant billionaire that made racist statements, and currently has had rape charges? Bernie Sanders would have been a much better choice than Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton, the two childish competitors.

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