I decided to do an activity named Game one on the SBC week 6 post. I clicked on the link of a student that actually commented on one of my posts that discussed the deceiving U.S.A election. You can check out her blog on this link: . I later made a second comment about a post that talks about Anime, here is the link to it: . Then I made a comment about a post that discussed being proud of your heritage and national identity,


Here is also my 1st comment.

“I have gone to Disney land in France and it was quite amazing, people usually say that Disney world is better so I guess it’ll be more fun to go to Disney world.”

Here is the 2nd one:

“Hey, Alex, Fairy Tail is also one of my favorite animes currently, if you like it then I advise you to watch Hunter x Hunter and One piece. They’re really good, so is my blog : ”

Here is the 3rd one:

“I really like the subject you’re talking about, anyone no matter their nationality, should be proud of who they are and raise their confidence.”

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