You’re dead wrong


Do you remember the last time you were mad, this type of mad:


It is these types of moments that ruin your life, that plummets down your mood; here is a tip to avoid getting mad and frustrated, just flow with it. “..ignore the hate, ignore the fake.”(Young Ma, OOOUUU) Removing thoughts that degrade your happiness from your mind is one of the best ways to stop getting angry. In the end not getting angry is a matter of mental fortitude, so the easier you get mad, the weaker you are in your mind. Now, do you still have the same point of view on anger as you used to?



Genius hour 1 reflection

My main topic my genius hour that I researched about was related to botany, as it involved the mass planting of trees. I chose the topic of “botany” because it would improve the  environment of our societies and communities. Everything that I learned was somehow linked to plants, such as easy plants to grow or highly nutrient filled edible plants. I learned about farming techniques to effectively grow plants. I also learned about certain plants and their health benefits, such as Moringa Oleifera, a plant loaded with . The Genius hour assignment helped me sense the importance of plants to humans and the environment. I realized that I was not the only person working towards the goal of establishing free food forests, that certainly gave a little bit more courage to work for that. I received some moral help in a way that helped me encourage me. My future topic will probably related be related to  men’s violence against women, and this totally helps a huge amount of people, mainly women, and siding with them might help them get the same type of encouragement I received to fight for a cause.