Genius hour reflection pt. 2

In the second genius hour presentation that I made during the school year, I chose to base my topic onĀ education and how schools should reform their education systems to enhance their student’s learning capabilities. I chose this subject as it would globally impact students around the world and help them attain their maximum potential.

During the preparation of the presentation I did research on some of the most effective education systems around the world, some of them were located in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Finland, Japan and South Korea. I analyzed them and tried to find out what made them so successful. During the research I always compared the curriculum of these countries to the one the U.S. has, I always tried to outline points the American education systems should improve on to be at the level of the top-tierĀ countries’s school curriculum.

This genius hour project helped me grow as a person by helping me see the flaws some schools have and the extent of the positive impact they would have at the time of their removal. The research I did also helped me have a different point of view on education systems, by giving me an insight on how different countries managed their schools.

During the time I was doing some research on my some subject, I discovered that competition is outweighed by collaboration in schools, yet in the U.S. it is highly encouraged; if collaboration was more encouraged that’d be one step closer to the ideal successful education system. My genius hour research project made me come up with realizations such as these.

Doing this genius hour project made me realize just how much student’s lives can be positively affected by brief changes in their school curriculum. Hopefully the work I do now will impact the lives of future students in our modern era.

I’ll start another genius hour project this semester, and it’ll probably be about math and how it should be applied to better understand the world. The topic that I’ll choose might help other people to understand that mathematics can be used to comprehend relationships and calculate accurate predictions.