5 thoughts on “Activity 8

  1. Hi I’m your Mentor
    Looks as if things are going well Loic. Some great pictures and all with attribution. I was interested in Activity 8. Could you tell us a bit more about how you created the image and why it is special for you?
    Mike Farmer

  2. Your majesty,I totally admire your love for Asian cartoons. It’s such an honor that you put links so that we could explore more into detail your subject.

  3. Dear Loic,
    I loved your post, I could tell by all the effort and work.
    Thank you for informing everyone about America’s terror; Two childish candidates fighting to make America fail.
    I am against Donald Trump and his terrible ways!
    He is a racist, stupid billionaire who want’s to build a way and not pay! great job!
    Happy blogging,
    Check out my blog;cleo6wilderness.edublogs.org

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